Recruiter v. Direct



So you’ve been job-hunting lately and are weighing the options of using a recruiter or applying directly to the company. While both have their pros and cons, there are some aspects of recruiting that aren’t fully recognized by job-seekers. Here are a few points that are worth considering during the decision-making process:

1. Direct access to the hiring manager

This is an important one to keep in mind; not only do recruiters have a direct connection, but they build genuine relationships both with the hiring managers and the candidates. This means that they’ve invested time in getting to know people and have a better idea of the atmosphere and cultural fit of available positions. On the other hand, applying directly might get your resume placed in a pile to be filtered through by an admin later that week at best.

2. Your success is their success

In order for recruiters to be successful at their job, they need to ensure security. We can’t speak for all agencies, but with Crescent, you can rest assured that our recruiters aren’t just placing candidates for the placement. They are trying to achieve a successful match that satisfies both the candidate’s and client’s needs.

3. Honest insight

One of the most valuable aspects of using a recruiter is the feedback and inside information you’ll receive on your resume, the interview process, and the timeframe you’re working with. If you choose to go direct, it’s likely you won’t hear back unless you’re one of the few chosen for an interview; whereas recruiters keep you updated every step of the way.

4. Shared values

Recruiting agencies tend to get a lot of flack for being too aggressive and salesman-like. This may stand true for some companies, but Crescent is an exception. Our vision is to build relationships and keep them for life; we promise to put your needs first, always. Our recruiters aren’t aggressive, but persistent in requesting updates and status changes for their candidates and clients. Time and integrity are shared values amongst all parties.

Next time you find yourself weighing your options, remember that recruiters do most of the leg work for you giving you an initial advantage above the rest of the applicants. Happy job-hunting!