Employee Spotlight: Erik Gomez, the french fry connoisseur

“I would say I’m a likeable guy. I’m easy to get along with and my sense of humor can be dry, but also random. I tend to lighten the erikmood and bring excitement when my team needs it.

I also enjoy being faced with challenges and overcoming them,” says Erik Gomez, one of our newest recruiters in the Los Angeles office.

“I’m a technical recruiter at Crescent Solutions,” Erik states. “My main focus is matching candidates to job orders that are gathered from the account managers. I get to build long lasting relationships with some amazing, talented people and help them with their careers,” he adds. Erik has been with Crescent for almost a year now and already has some great experiences to share. “The company culture is one of my favorite things about working for Crescent. Every single candidate matters and building that long lasting relationship with them will create success for you in this industry. Attending my first .net meetup we have in our office was great, I got to meet an amazing group of people who were so passionate about technology.”

Erik was born and raised in San Dimas by his mom and just recently moved to Torrance to live with his girlfriend, Jacqueline. “I grew up with just my mom since my brothers had already moved out. I have two brothers. Both are over ten years older than I am. One does MRI’s at a hospital and the other works in the Air Force,” he explains.

Outside the office, Erik enjoys playing sports and staying in shape, “I have always been very active and I love to do things outdoors. I am a very active person. Most of my life I was in sports like basketball, football, and baseball. I played basketball in high school and loved it,” says the Laker fan. Erik is usually in the stands cheering on the Lakers about 3 times a year at least. “I will also be transitioning into having the Rams as my new favorite football team to support LA!” Way to show your home team support!

Erik2In his free time, the sports fanatic also freely exercises his love for food. “My girlfriend and I like to try all kinds of different food and restaurants; we tend to try at least 1 new restaurant a week! My favorite food is french fries! I’ve tried them in almost every single oil!” he exclaims.

Before Erik started his job at Crescent, you could find him serving up burgers and ribs at Lucille’s Barbeque! When asked about the most unusual job he’s had, Erik reflected back on his grocer days, “During high school, I was working in the meat department at Albertsons. I would come home from work smelling like fish every day”. The most interesting job I’ve had so far is working as a recruiter for Crescent Solutions. Every day at Crescent will be a new day because of the new people I get to meet.” We’re so glad to have you on our team, Erik!