Consultant of the Month: Nella Capra, The Goal-Setting Go-Getter

Nella2“I am Canadian and grew up in Woodbridge, Ontario—a suburb north of Toronto—with an Italian heritage,” Nella says. “In a family of 6, I am the 2nd middle child.” Nella Capra is an IT Senior Program Manager at a high-ranking insurance agency and has been with the company for about 4 months. “I am managing a Corporate IT Program to convert the final rollout of agents into the new Identity Access Management System. This system is set up to manage user profiles and provide better control of access to applications and password management,” she explains.

Nella first met with Kalena Verran, one of our top recruiters from the Los Angeles location, and was placed with our client shortly after in June. “Meeting with Kalena was very positive. She understood my experience and knew exactly my needs in her first view of my resume. She placed me into a position that I was aiming for and was the best fit for me,” she shares. Kalena had nothing but raving reviews about Nella in return, “Nella is a hard worker, has a positive attitude and always has a smile on her face even when she is completely overwhelmed and under a lot of pressure. I always get positive feedback from the managers that she reports to at her company. She is results oriented and will do whatever it takes to get the job done on time and with high quality”. Sounds like you two make a great team, way to go, ladies!

Outside the office, Nella loves taking part in outdoor activities such as jogging and biking by the ocean, rollerblading, and boating. She describes herself as goal-oriented, outgoing, and very ambitious with high standards. Utilizing her strong skillsets, she earned her Bachelors of Applied Arts with a major in IT from Ryerson Polytechnic University as well as a Master’s in Project Management. “I’ve always known what I wanted and went after it, I always dreamed of living in California and I never gave up on living my dream. I am finally here and working in NellaCalifornia after 4 years of perseverance,” she shares.

In her free time, you can find Nella enjoying some of her favorite foods like barbeque ribs, steak, or Italian cuisine! She is also sure to find a balance and joins fitness classes or a game of beach volleyball to stay active. Aside from participating in sports, Nella also loves tuning in and watching some of her favorite teams like the Blue Jays, Kings, Rams, and the Canadian Maple Leafs. Sports do hold a special place in her heart, but winning an even bigger spot in Nella’s life are her 4 nieces who she hopes to bring to California someday soon. “My eldest niece wants to be a marine biologist, and I am hoping she goes to school in California to pursue her dreams like I did. I am her role model and I know one day she will be as successful as I am.” Great job paving the way, Nella!