5 No-Fail Networking Tips



Business mixers got you feeling like a bundle of nerves? Could your networking skills use some sharpening? Not to worry, check out these 5 networking tips & arrive calm, cool, and collected at your next business event!

1. Handshake

It all starts with a handshake. While there’s no rule that requires 3 shakes and release, a specific finger placement or a grip of steel, you should always be sure that your hands are clean, sweat-free, & that you have a firm grip. Eye-contact and a genuine smile are also crucial during an introduction!

2. Income-Outcome Pockets

Everyone knows that the exchanging of business cards is a must during any networking event or opportunity. What they don’t know is that the easiest method of execution is to keep one pocket full with your own cards and the other empty for the ones you receive. This way, there’s no fumbling with a stack in your wallet, purse, or even a rubber band.

3. Take Notes

After exchanging cards with someone, take a second to make a note of something about that person that stood out to you—something that will help you remember who they are. If they were wearing a blazer in your favorite color, or a statement necklace that you particularly noticed, write that on their business card to help you match their face to their name when you refer back to it later.

4. Elevator Speech

In any circumstance—whether it be a networking opportunity amongst two people or two hundred—you should have an elevator pitch ready to go. An elevator speech is a 30 second blurb about yourself that tells what you do, why you do it, and what you’re aspiring to do—ideally it should be short enough to deliver in an elevator, but informative enough to peak interest.

5. Follow Up

Assuming you’ve exchanged business cards with a few people, you definitely want to follow up even if you don’t plan on doing business with them in the future. Send an email thanking them for the opportunity to meet & if you are interested in seeking further opportunities, suggest a date for a business lunch or even a simple phone call to discuss future plans. This sets you apart from everyone else who received their card & just stuffed it in their pocket without a second thought.


There you have it, try implementing these helpful pointers into your routine & monitor your success!