Crescent Takes on Halloween Trivia Day














Crescent is thriving at our new location and naturally we’ve been building relationships with all of our neighbors. In fact, this week we competed against them in a friendly competition of Halloween-themed trivia. We gathered 6 of our top Halloween fanatics to form our team, “Sons of Witches”, & you can be sure that they studied weeks before the event. We had the rest of our Crescent team cheering them on in the sidelines with posters and signs throughout the contest. Round 1 was won by Crescent, Round 2 was a tie & Round 3 was stolen from us by our next door neighbors who took home the trophy at last year’s event. After the scores were tallied, Crescent’s “Sons of Witches” came in 2nd place and had tons of fun. If you’re curious or want to test your knowledge, below are just a few of the questions included in the trivia:

1. What is Samhainophobia?

2. What are the names of the 3 sisters from the Disney Halloween movieĀ Hocus Pocus?

3. What year did the Haunted Mansion ride open at Disneyland?