About Crescent

100% Client retention, 97% Employee retention, 41 Fortune 500 Clients. Numbers that add up to an unparalleled client experience.

If you’ve experienced poor service, inconsistent candidate quality, inflexible business practices or any of the other shortcomings, it’s a clear sign you need a new hiring partner. One who values your business and puts your needs ahead of everything else. One like Crescent. As a full-service IT Solutions Company with an exemplary array of value-propositions, we’re confident if you try Crescent once, you won’t think twice about using us again.

And as with our Mission, Vision and Values, working with us is simple and straight to the point…

Our Mission: Everyone wins!
Our Vision: Build relationships. Keep them for life!
Our Core Value: Lead by example. Measure by results.

  • Cathy Ehlert

    Hi there. I cam across your website and read about your company, and I have to say that I was moved! It’s nice to know that there are actual companies that value their employees as well as the community. I’ve been on lay-off status for several months now and periodically interview. What interests me in a company is their mission, and yours was the shortest, and I have to say the best one I’ve come across. Everyone wins! So awesome!