5 Simple Money-Saving Musts


It can be difficult to save up when you’re constantly faced with opportunities to spend. In the workplace, it is especially challenging with lunch meetings, off-site interviews, office celebrations and everything in between. Here are a few money-saving tips to implement into your daily routine!

Create a budget

First things first—in order to know how much you can spend, you must come up with a limit. Figure out the amount you need to allot towards bills, gas, and the like, and do what you wish with the remainder. With a budget in mind, you can more easily determine what you can and cannot afford or if your budget needs adjusting.

Pack a lunch

It may be more expensive in the initial stages, but buying groceries for your home and packing your own lunch turns out to be significantly cheaper than buying lunch out daily. Some lunches may cost up to $12 or more; that adds up to a possible $60 each week or $240 each month! If your office has a kitchen area, you can even cook your own meals during your lunch break. The possibilies are endless.

Brew at work

The idea of skipping your morning caffiene fix may sound impossible; instead of ditching your joe altogether, opt for utilizing the complimentary office beans. Arrive to work a couple minutes early and get your morning started by sharing a pot of fresh coffee with coworkers. Aside from resulting in a noticeable eagerness, forgoing the coffee shop stop is guaranteed to save you time and a few extra dollars daily.

Reap the benefits

Set aside time to meet with your HR department to discuss which benefits your company offers. If a 401K is included, be sure to enroll! The sooner you sign up, the sooner you can start saving.

Share your ride

Ask around your office and find out who the locals are to your neighborhood. You may be able to rotate carpooling! This saves you up to half of what you would normally spend on gas and also enables you to ride the carpool lane to work. It’s a win-win!

Try these tips out for a week and watch your wallet grow. Happy savings!