The Benefits of Sprucing Up Your Workspace


More often than not, your workspace is the only part of your office that you will have free reign in. Office furniture generally comes in a variety of grays and browns and other drab colors. Chairs and desks are cold and unenticing. If you’re like the majority of the working population, you probably spend more time in your office than anywhere else. A welcoming office space with your own personal touch can be the difference between dread or relaxation in your workspace. If the thought of Monday makes you shudder, try these tips to make your work environment more enjoyable!

1. Bring in pictures

Having pictures of family, friends, and even pets in your office helps to relieve stress.  Visible reminders of fun memories can lighten your mood in an instant.  It’s also a great way to invite your colleagues into your personal life so that they can gain a better understanding of who you are outside the office walls.

2. Give yourself some motivation

We all have a reason for working. Finding a representation of that is a good way to keep you motivated to continue working toward your goals. If traveling is your passion, a map could be a fun reminder of what you’re working toward. If concerts are more your cup of tea, a band poster or a Bluetooth speaker to play your favorite music is a good addition to your desk.

3. Buy yourself a plant

According to nearly every office article on the web, a plant is a must for your desk. Studies show it boosts creativity and improves productivity. Choose accordingly though; if your office gets little to no sunlight, you may want to look up plants that thrive without sunlight. If you have a window, consider yourself lucky as your options are endless.

4. Elevate your mood with color

Depending on the type of work you do, different colors can help produce different results. If you’re trying to relax in your office and destress, light blues and greens are your best bet. If you’re looking to amp yourself up every day, vibrant colors such as reds or yellows will do the job.

5. Inspire yourself and those around you

An inspirational quote can be a great way to get your morning going or even get you over that afternoon slump. Hanging your favorite quote nearby is a simple way to personalize your space.

Get creative. We spend much of our adult lives in our office, we might as well make it a pleasant place to be. Decorating your space can provide a variety of benefits from comfort and relaxation to increased productivity and motivation. Your office is your home away from home, have fun and make it your own!