Consultant of the Month: Andre Barraza, the Double-Single-loving Genius


“My first experience with the company was literally a phone call from Erik Gomez. He was very sincere and had been referred to me by a mutual acquaintance. I had a few consecutive calls with Erik and even spent 40 minutes once, just talking. Little did I know, I’d be here answering these questions 4 months later,” the techie admits. Andre Barraza is currently an AV Technician for one of the top social media outlets and has been with the company for over four months.

Erik Gomez, one of Crescent’s top recruiters, had only great things to say about Andre as well. “He is authentic and transparent in every conversation. He’s the type of worker that would come off a seventy hour work week and wonder if he provided enough support for his company,” he explains. Erik and Andre teamed up and were able to provide our client with a perfect fit; a situation—not uncommon to Crescent—where Everyone Wins! “Andre is precise and diligent with any project he’s assigned to and it’s been an absolute pleasure to have built a relationship with him. I have heard nothing barrazaandrebut great things from our client since they brought him onto the team!” Erik adds.

Long before Andre got connected with Crescent, he dabbled with a few fun occupations—the first of which being In-N-Out Burgers! He credits the company for providing him with great wages, awesome service, and teaching him what a hamburger’s all about. “It’s all about the Double Single (two patties, one cheese) with whole grilled onions, mustard, ketchup, and pickles. Or 2×1 W GR MK Inst P (as written on the receipt),” he shares. After leaving everyone’s favorite burger joint, he moved to Los Angeles to study Recording Arts and start his career in music. “I had a career intervention when I got a job at The Apple Store in Santa Monica in 2006. It was a great time to be a part of Apple and work the launch of the first iPhone. It literally changed my life. I ended an 8 year tenure as a Mac Genius in 2014.” With his excellent customer service skills and the computer knowledge of a Genius, it was only natural that Andre progress to a high-ranked social media company and we are so glad he did.

Outside the office, you can find Andre belting out solos at a local karaoke bar, practicing new chords on his guitar, or even writing his own tracks. Although technology has won his heart, he still makes time to exercise his creativity through music. “It’s very fulfilling to do something you feel you’re good at. Technology and music still hold that place for me. I believe very heavily that following your passions is just as important as any practical pursuit for a career.” Keep following your passion, Andre! We are excited to see what’s in store for you in the months to come!