Grow Big or Go Home

Just a few weeks ago, we gathered our Crescent Solutions team at the Irvine Headquarters for our 2017 Annual Company Retreat! This year’s getaway consisted of a two-day event with finance and benefit updates, team activities, and over a dozen XL pizzas to end the retreat. We even flew our teams from Ohio and Connecticut out to join us! The theme this year was ‘Grow Big or Go Home’ promoting growth in business as well as personal life.

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Day 1 consisted of presentations from the Executive team: CEO – Brian Fischbein, CFO – Wayne Karro, COO – Bob Steuernagel, Executive VP – Michael Chiang, and HR Manager – Jenn Espinoza. After jotting notes on the company updates and metrics, the team was split into groups and battled it out over a few friendly competitions.









The first contest was a literal team building activity where the groups raced to build the best structure for a teammate to pass through. Our activity for Day 2 was Candidate Cakes where the teams were instructed to design a cake and pitch it to the judges just as if they were submitting a candidate to a client. Our creativity was put to the test, but one team managed to rise above the rest by incorporating CEO Brian Fischbein’s portrait into their cake!











After all presentations and activities had concluded, we had the rest of the afternoon to ourselves to relax, belt out some tunes on the karaoke machine, or play a game of corn hole with the company champs. To follow up with our theme of personal and professional growth, we have a motivational speaker scheduled to chat with our team the first week of March! Stay tuned to hear about what we learned!