6 Ways To Become More Successful Today

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Would you like to be more successful? Seems like a silly question right, of course you want to be more successful. No one intends to become stagnant in their position at work, in their relationship, or in their life, however many of us find ourselves stuck in a rut. Without realizing it, we are in fact answering no to the initial question.

Think about where you wanted to be by this point, are you close? Have you lost sight of the path? Here are 6 ways to get back on track to success today:

Don’t Quit

Fight for you what you want. You are probably much closer to your goals then you realize. Have you quit chasing your dreams because they no longer seem apparent? Quit stopping. Just because you don’t see the finish line, doesn’t mean it isn’t right over the horizon. Keep pushing and moving forward. Constantly putting your goals on hold only delays the accomplishment.

Don’t Procrastinate

Ben Franklin once said, “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” Make this your motto, your daily morning mantra. If this is important to you, why push it off until tomorrow? Yes, it’s terrifying to ask for a raise and it is much easier to simply sit and hope it magically gets bestowed upon you. But the reality is, every day you wait to ask, is another day without a raise.  Focus on the real reason that you are procrastinating. Are you scared of rejection? Scared of the additional responsibility that may come your way? If the benefits drastically outweigh any negatives you can envision, keep pushing on.

Don’t Blame Others

Playing the blame game will not help you reach your goals or become more successful. You have choices. There is a choice, and consequence, to everything that you do. No one is forcing you to stay in your career, or in that apartment that you loathe, or from starting that juice cleanse you’ve been putting off. No one is to blame but yourself. Don’t complain for the sake of complaining. Realize that your success is dependent on you and your dedication to changing your current situation.

Don’t Say Yes

While this may sound odd at first, saying yes to everything can in fact be detrimental. There’s no need to start saying no to everything either but be more cautious of what you are saying yes to. This doesn’t only pertain to work, but in all aspects of your life. If you say yes to overtime, you‘re saying no to a quality time with your spouse. If you say yes to that doughnut, you are saying no to Pilates. Keep this in mind and try to be more selective with what you agree to so you can focus on the most important things in life.

Don’t Expect

No one is a mind reader; don’t assume that everyone knows what you want. If you want your spouse to do the dishes, ask. If you want your child to pick up their toys, ask. If you want a raise at work, ask. Hold no expectations that people know what you want out of any given situation. Successful people make their wants, needs, and opinions known so there is no room for misinterpretation.

Don’t Avoid

Unfortunately, not everything is fun and exciting. I know that this may be difficult, but work can be tedious and lackluster at times. In order to be more successful, you may have to power through a few mundane or difficult tasks, but that’s what makes the end result all the more worth it. Don’t avoid the tough elements of your goal, without them the reward won’t be nearly as sweet.