4 Tips for Job Hunting During the Holidays

4 Tips for Job Hunting During the HolidaysIt’s the holidays! That magical time in between Thanksgiving and New Years when everyone feels a bit more loving, thankful, and financially pinched. With all of the purchases you’ll be doing this season, are you having thoughts about a second job or finding a better paying position? Have you been thinking about it for some time now but keep delaying your search? Well wait no longer, the holiday season is a great time to find work. Not only are employers hiring but with all the of the holiday parties, this is the perfect time of year to start actively networking.

Here are a few tips for job hunting this holiday season:


Don’t be fooled

There is a common misconception that employers are less business-focused and more family-oriented during the holidays. Because of this, many job seekers actually put their search on hold until after the New Year. But the fact is, many companies place an emphasis on hiring during the final months, ushering in fresh faces and fresh ideas into the New Year. Capitalize off of the decrease in competition this season and stand out from the crowd. Fewer resumes submitted means a better chance of getting noticed and hired.

Take Advantage of the Slow Season

If your current company is slow during holiday season, use this down time to your advantage. Take a few days off to attend job interviews. If you don’t have any available vacation time, spend your lunch hour sprucing up your resume and updating your LinkedIn page. Make sure your online presence is impressive. This is your secret weapon, use it to illustrate and highlight your various accomplishments, talents, and experience.

Attend Events

This is the perfect time to catch up with like-minded colleagues and friends at holiday mixers and social events. People are more cheerful and easier to talk to during this time of year, so try to connect on a more personal level. Make sure to mention that you are in the job market whether you are at a personal or professional mixer, you never know who could be an asset. The next time they hear of an open position, they just may think of you.

Send out Holiday Greetings

Another way to give yourself a slight edge over your competition is with holiday cards. Send a “Happy Holidays” or “Happy New Years” card to your business contacts, employers you have recently interviewed with, and recruiting companies. This small thoughtful gesture is a great way to stay top of mind during the holiday season. Read this Glassdoor article for tips on how to write a winning Holiday card

Putting these 4 tips to use may result in the best gift you get this year.

Good luck and happy job hunting!

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