2016 Career Resolutions

coffee and notepad with the text 2016 resolutions

Each January we make resolutions to be better humans in the coming year. A new workout regimen, a new diet, a new attitude, but what about your career? Start thinking about making some refreshing changes in the workplace and incorporating these into your 2016 resolutions.

Be more assertive

Being passive hasn’t worked well for you in the past, has it? Have you been passed over on promotions or overlooked so much that you feel like you’ve become part of the office décor? This year, find your voice. Narrow down the specific ways you want to assert yourself, whether it’s to speak up more in meetings or putting an end to your people-pleasing ways. Take the time to map out the steps to realistically achieve this goal.

Develop your skills

This year, fine tune skills that are currently in use. Sharpening existing tools can really boost confidence in the workplace and help secure you that promotion. Become an expert in your field and pick up a few new skills along the way. Take a class in Excel, volunteer for a nonprofit, enroll in a certification course. If you feel like all of these things are too costly or too time consuming, join some LinkedIn groups or try one of the many free seminars held all over the country. Attending industry conferences helps to develop skills as well as broadens and diversifies your network.  Win-win.

Make more money

Put yourself in a position to increase your income by researching negotiation tactics and new ways to get yourself noticed. Since this resolution is predominantly based on the opinion of others, it’s somewhat out of your hands. However, if you make sure that you stand out and work on continually improving yourself, it will become apparent to your coworkers and your boss how valuable you are. They’ll pay to keep an asset on the team. Make them notice you.

Update your resume

You may not be ready to move on to a new job just yet but updating your resume is still a necessity. Documenting accomplishments while they’re fresh in your mind ensures that you don’t let anything slip through the cracks, and allows you to visually see your growth. This can be a real ego boost.  Besides, it’s always good to have a current copy on hand. You never know when you’re going to get pulled into a networking event or get a call out of the blue from a friend with a great job opportunity.


Networking has been mentioned in this article a few times and for good reason. Who you know can expedite success and open doors you may never have known existed. Start by making a list of important commitments, then begin eliminating nonessential ones. Focus on things that contribute to your professional growth. If it’s important to the development of your career, start shuffling things around to make time, even if it’s only one event a month.

Appreciate and love

It’s ok to want to stay at your job. You like your coworkers, your boss, your role. All of that is ok. But do you still smile getting ready for work in the morning? This year, work on falling back in love with your job and pinpoint what went wrong to sour your image of this opportunity. Is it a change in company culture, the commute, the fact that you personally are in a rut? You may find that the problem isn’t the job at all, it’s the stagnation within you. Remember why you took this position in the first place and why you’ve been there for so long. Work on reigniting the flame for your job and I promise the days will go by faster, and you will be more productive and successful.

Change doesn’t happen overnight and you may stumble and fall a time or two, that’s fine – adjust and keep pushing forward. In the words of author and entrepreneur Jim Rohn, “We can have more than we’ve got because we can become more than we are.”

Here’s to a lucrative and successful 2016.