Employee Spotlight: Brian Albano – the OG

Family beach pic

The Orange County high school athlete went to college in Denver on a baseball scholarship. Ultimately transferring and graduating from Arizona State University, he moved back to California to start his career and family. “Renae and I had our 10-year anniversary in June,” he says. “We have 7 and 4-year-old boys, a 6-month old girl, and had 2 dogs Rocco and Bella (Boxers). Rocco passed away last February but we still have Bella who is going to be 10 in February.”

Brian is one of the originals at the company. “I worked with Brian Fischbein at Technisource which was another IT staffing company. I was one of the 6 original guys who helped start Crescent,” he says. “I now work in a sales/account management role.”

“One of my first experiences with the company was working out of our house in Corona,” he recalls. “We didn’t even have enough money to turn the A/C on! It was a real struggle starting up due to the state of the economy at the time, but we were able to make it through.”

Now that the company has been thriving for over a decade, there are countless memorable moments to reminisce on. “It’s been over 12 years so I have a lot of great memories but honestly, I just enjoy the office ribbing we give each other every day,” Brian says. “Everyone is fair game whether it’s having a sports debate, giving each other a hard time about someone’s attire, or something that recently happened to one of us. Plus, people tend to get a big kick out of me retelling stories of something funny that happened. I would say I’m a pretty good storyteller and do pretty good voices/impressions.”

Outside of the office, Brian enjoys doing pretty much anything with his wife and kids. “Long weekends trips to Palms Springs, San Diego, and Big Bear, playing basketball and golf, eating Italian and Mexican food, and watching Boston Sports…The City of Champions! Out of the all of them, my favorite teams are the Boston Red Sox and the New England Patriots.” *fingers crossed for another trip to the Superbowl*


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