Tips to Hiring Summer Interns

intern wanted

It’s that time of year again! The time when students start thinking about summer job opportunities or begin their post-grad descent into the work force. Interviews for summer interns are in full swing, and though interns can be a great way to expand your team’s capacity, be sure to stay focused during the hiring process. Side step the underachievers, and hone in on the ambitious with these few tips:

Decide if you actually need one

Interns seem like a cool way to take some of the workload off of your shoulders for awhile, but that’s not necessarily the case. This won’t exactly be your road to easy street – hiring and training takes time and effort. Depending on their level of experience, there could be quite a lot of ramping up that needs to be done as well. Not only do they need to get a sense of the office culture, but they need a good grasp on how to perform their specific duties. This internship needs to be beneficial for both parties so evaluate your actual needs and narrow down your job description. They are here to learn, so try not to set them up for failure because you neglected to anticipate the amount of work required.

Make sure this responsibility is one you and your team are ready to take on.

Interview honestly

During the initial interview, be as transparent as possible. Allow them a glimpse into their daily life at the company. Explain the hours, duties, your expectations, and the office rules. Even if the tasks are menial, explain exactly what they will gain from this experience. Being open and honest from the beginning will build a foundation of trust between employer and employee that is invaluable.

Pay attention to their level of interest

Yes they applied, came in for their interview, and said all the right things, but do they seem interested in a future in this field? If not, can they adequately explain why they want this particular job or what they want to gain from this internship? Moreover, were they on time for the interview? Were they enthusiastic or positive during the interview? Did they ask questions? Although nerves can play a big role during the first impression, it’s one thing to be nervous, but quite another to be disengaged or ill prepared. Pay attention to their verbal and non-verbal cues, and make sure they are genuinely interested in your company.

Decide if they fit culturally

Hiring someone that meshes with your existing team is vital to the flow of your office yet the interview may not actually give you the best sense of a candidate’s personality. However, a quick search of their social media profile(s) can remedy that. Profile searching will give you a better sense of who they are and if they’d be a good fit for the team.  Check out their hobbies and activities outside of the office, do their interests align with those of the team?


Whether long-term or short-term, be selective with whom you allow into your company. Internships can be a huge plus for both the employer and intern, just make sure you find the right person from the very beginning.