Promotable Personalities

promotable personalities

Certain personality types are more prone to getting promoted than others. Employers take into consideration things like, “Are they a go-getter? Are they dedicated? Do they have the right disposition to lead a team”? Important decisions are made based on the answers to these questions. These are a few personalities that climb the corporate ladder faster than others:


Extraverts are known to speak up more, appear more confident, and set loftier career advancements goals. They’re outgoing and can schmooze with the best of them, which tends to make them seem more personable. They don’t blend into the background like some personalities may, they stand out and make you notice them. Staying prominent in the minds of decision makers, this personality trait can be quite useful when trying to prove your worth during a performance review or when discussing raises.

Team Workers

Those with strong teamwork skills are highly sought-after. You may not initially stand out as prominently as say “the extravert”, but the dedication to the team and company as a whole will push you to the top. Team workers communicate well and respond well to the audience at hand, and their ability to hop in to any situation and learn, adapt, and add value, are skills you just can’t teach.


Optimists are loved by all; clients, coworkers, superiors, you name it. A pleasant personality matched with a great outlook is truly a joy to be around in any setting. They keep the team going with their pep and drive and can be incredibly motivational. These are the kinds of people that make for wonderful managers and leaders within a corporation.

Decision Makers

Decision makers take the reins. Having the vision and confidence to make tough decisions are critical when talking promotions. It’s the difference between giving you a small bump in pay within your same role, or a promotion to management.  Showing decisiveness, efficiency, and solid delegation skills are fundamental in any upper management role, and a leadership trait that many simply do not have.

If you see yourself having one of these traits and underutilizing it, start kicking it up a notch, people will notice. If not, prepare to watch these personalities whiz by you on the ladder to success.