Employee Spotlight: Mia Robinson, the Social Butterfly


Born in Washington, D.C., Mia spent her younger years between Maryland and New York, briefly living in Delaware, Virginia, and Georgia. By middle school, Mia and her 2 twin sisters had officially relocated to the West Coast, establishing roots in Southern California.

“Before Crescent, I was a massage therapist for 6 years and counting,” Mia says, “but I worked at Moss Adams (contracted through Robert Half) as an admin immediately before joining.” Currently working in the Los Angeles office supporting the sales team and the entire office, her days can get pretty hectic. How does she handle it? “I like to think that I’m pretty laid back,” says Mia. “I’m a go with the flow type of person. I can be brutally honest at times (which I’m working on) but overall I just want to be positive, happy, and make life at work a fun experience. Everyday I find something new to laugh or smile about here,” says Mia. “I’ve made so many good memories in the past 2 ½ years.”

“When I first started with Crescent I had recently had my daughter,  and it was definitely interesting being the first woman in the office to breastfeed,” she says through her laughter. “That was an icebreaker!” “What really helped was how patient my supervisor was at the time. She made it a very easy and smooth transition for me to get in the work field after having a baby, even letting me pump in her office!”

Outside of work, Mia can be found chowing down on her favorite food – Korean, writing, or getting in some quality family time with her beautiful children Jaylen and Jenesis. “I am definitely a social butterfly,” she says, ”and so are my children. We love being spontaneous, meeting new people, and going to new places.”

We’re so glad you floated our way.

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