Mike Edmiston, the family man with a heart of gold

Mike Edmsiton Pic

Whittier, California bred Mike Edmiston attended La Serna high school, received his degree from Fullerton College, “and started recruiting before the Internet,” he says candidly. With stints as Senior Technical Recruiter for Boeing and Sr. Recruiter for Panasonic, he found the transition to Crescent Solutions to be quite smooth.

“When I first started, it was with a good group of guys, all crammed in a small office in Corona,” recalls Mike. “Oh, and they just let a guy go who smelled really bad,” he says with a chuckle. Over 9 years has passed since that day, and with that time comes a lot of memories and friendships.  “I’ve worked with Mike Edmiston going on 10 years here at Crescent,” says VMS Manager, Brian Batistic, “and I would have to say that he has always had my back when I needed it, during the busy, as well as slow times.  Mike is a very considerate co-worker, talented Recruiter and good friend.”

“I have known Mike for a long time,” says Brian Albano, VP of Sales, “and one of the best things I can say about him is that he is always willing to help someone. Whether it’s work related or outside of the office, he’s a very generous person. Plus he is a pretty handy, and over the years he has helped me with a lot of projects around the house too. I really appreciate him.”

While he is thriving professionally in his role as Lead Recruiter for the Direct Hire Division, personally, he is killing it at home as well. “He has a beautiful family with 3 great kids and an awesome wife,” says Albano. “His family is just another extension of Mike and speaks to the kind of person he is.”

“I have 2 daughters that are in Dance,” says Mike. “One going to San Diego State University next year and the other heading into high school. I also have one son who literally plays every sport I can think of.” Though keeping up with 3 busy children makes for quite the hectic life, he squeezes in a tiny bit of time for himself. “My favorite hobbies are riding my dirt bike, playing with my 2 dogs, or cheering on my Denver Broncos,” he says. “But who has the time for fun? If I’m not at a dance competition, then I am on a soccer field!”

We tip our hats to you sir.