Internship Insider: Everyone Wins feat. Amina Anvery

dreamjobFor the past couple years, Heath Hamaguchi, Technical Recruiting Manager, and Brian Batistic, VMS Division Director, have been leading an internship program at Crescent Solutions for college students local to the Ontario branch of our company. The program included students of various majors from Cal Poly Pomona and UC Riverside. “We had many intelligent and outgoing individuals in the program,” Heath shares. Below is an email he received from a past intern regarding her post-internship journey.

“Hi Heath,

Hope you are doing well. During the time that I interned for Crescent Solutions, I practiced a lot of the accounting and finance fundamentals that I could not have experienced in a regular classroom. I learned how to work the databases, the excel sheet, tax amounts, and bookkeeping


for different clients to aid the knowledge I needed to pursue a career in accounting. Interning at Crescent Solutions has not only made me a more experienced individual, but also a well-rounded individual. Not just the learning environment, but also the work environment was a huge plus at Crescent because everyone is willing to help each other no matter the circumstances. It does not matter what your major is because at Crescent Solutions you learn something that is needed for every career path. I think Crescent Solutions is a great way for students to broaden their horizon and that is why I am so excited to announce that through my learning process at Crescent, I have managed to land a job at Goldman Sachs. All this goes back to what you would always tell me, “If you work hard for your dreams, they will come true”. Crescent Solutions and you, as a manager, have guided my path towards attaining my dream job and I couldn’t be any happier.

Thank you and I will definitely keep in touch and update you on my experiences.


Amina Anvery”