Heath Hamaguchi – the hardworking Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner

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Heath was born and raised in sunny Los Angeles, CA. After working his way through school while attending San Francisco State University, he returned home to take a position as Production Assistant for Belisarius Productions. Following this, he became a Junior Publicist at Solters & Digney Public Relations and Internet Marketing, then spent 6 years as a Press Agent/Publicist for Media Giants. He can currently be found thriving in his role as Senior Technical Recruiter within Crescent Solutions’ VMS Division, utilizing his experience to help others find their perfect job.

“I handle the full recruiting life cycle,” says Heath. But what he brings to the table is so much more than that. “Heath is one of the hardest working recruiters I’ve seen,” says Mike Edmiston, Vice President of Crescent Solutions’ VMS Division.  “He comes in early, stays late, and has improved his overall GP since moving to the VMS division.”

“I would say that Heath has become a real asset to the team,” says Brian Batistic, VMS Division Director. “He works hard as a recruiter and team member, and is always looking to better himself and our team – which makes all of our jobs much easier.  He’s become a good friend over the last year, someone we can all depend on.”

“I’ve never analyzed myself,” says Heath thoughtfully, “but my family, friends, and colleagues say I’m awesome…Just saying.”

Love of my life

This happily married man is now a proud papa. “I have a very wonderful, beautiful, and intelligent baby daughter,” says Heath. And while much of his free time is now devoted to his little angel and beautiful wife, his spare moments are still dedicated to his other love, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This martial art and combat sport teaches a smaller person how to defend him or herself against a larger adversary by using leverage and proper technique. “If I’m not at work or home, I am training BJJ,” says Heath.

We wouldn’t want to mess with you! :)

  • Brian Oh

    Heath is a huge encouragement and personable. He is genuine and willing to help everyone. I have spoken to many recruiters in the past but Heath is top on the list.