CONSULTANT OF THE MONTH: Victor, the Project Managing foodie and video game aficionado

VictorDivision Manager, Rich Kahn, has made Victor’s relocation from New York to Los Angeles a smooth transition. “He was actually in touch with me when I first moved,” Victor recalls. “The timing was just right, as I was finishing up a contract when he reached out to me about the opportunity. He has been terrific to work with. He is as solid and straight up as you can get (which is very refreshing compared to other experiences I’ve had with previous IT professional solutions companies.)”

“Victor and I are both from New York and clicked instantly,” said Rich. “He’s an awesome guy to work with. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious, which is part of what makes him a great Project Manager. He’s been a perfect fit for the team and we’re proud to have him represent Crescent.”

“I feel very lucky to have connected with Rich,” Victor said.

Currently, Victor is working on a mobile app for a large American digital cable and satellite television network. “The team is amazing to work with and my manager has been one of the best I’ve ever come across. He is very fair and flexible and allows for a creative and collaborative team environment.”

Previously working as a server administrator, Victor recently shifted his career over to Project Management. Growing up in Long Island, New York, Victor attended SUNY Farmingdale majoring in Computer/Business Management, and went on to C.W.Post/Long Island University, receiving his Masters in Information Systems Management. Now living in Los Angeles with his girlfriend and cat Apollo, he is very pleased with how his life is shaping up. “I am lucky enough to have found a beautiful girlfriend who I have been living with for a few years now. She moved to LA with me from NY and has been supportive of my career and entrepreneurial ventures.” Everyone needs someone like that!

After a hard day’s work, Victor lets off some steam rocking out to Bon Jovi, Imagine Dragons, or One Republic, and getting his fitness on with popular Beachbody workout’s P90X3 and T25. “Exercise has always been a great stress reliever for me. Now if I can only work on eating better,” he said with a laugh. “I’m a big fan of Italian, Mexican, and Thai food. My favorites being Penne alla Vodka and Chicken Pad Thai.” And don’t get him started on his sweet tooth. “I’m a HUGE dessert person,” he gushes, “Cupcakes, brownies, cookies, and ice cream are my go to items. Basically, anything on the sweet side, count me in!”

Making time for video games, Victor effortlessly switches between his Xbox One, Sony PS4, and Wii U. “My favorite video games of all time are Halo and The Legend of Zelda series.” Normally not a PC gamer, he has been devoting quite a number of hours to League of Legends as of late, “my girlfriend can confirm.”

During his time away from the house, he enjoys going to the movies or just relaxing and enjoying a drink at a restaurant or lounge. “Still being new to LA, I am constantly exploring and getting recommendations of places to eat and things to do either for a day trip or weekend getaway.”

While this energetic New Yorker has been known to boast about his great sense of humor, “I use my humor to make others smile, motivate them, or just cheer them up if they’re having a tough day. My attitude is that you are spending about 1/3 or more of your day with your work associates, you might as well make it fun and enjoyable while still getting the job done.” “Not to toot my own horn but sometimes you just have to,” he said grinning ear to ear.