EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: Ricky Grandy, veteran Recruiting Manager and Fish Enthusiast

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This Southern California native originated in Van Nuys but was raised in Irvine. After graduating from Woodbridge High School (Go Warriors!), he found himself in Costa Mesa as a Production Assistant at Nadel Architects, a very well respected architectural firm that is often ranked as one of the top 50 architectural firms in the nation. Eventually moving on to try his hand at Recruiting, Ricky joined the Crescent team in 2005. Now, with his 9-year anniversary on the horizon, he is not only beloved by his clients and peers, but considered to be a major asset to all… but one. “If you ask my boss, he’ll tell you I don’t do anything,” Ricky says with a chuckle. “Hahaha. That’s funny,” says Stephanie Le, Director of Operations. “Ricky is an amazing recruiter– he is always at the top and he has great relationships with his contractors.”

Although his first experience with Crescent was at the ’05 company retreat, he is adamant about keeping the details of that noteworthy event to himself. In the words of colleague Tony Bumpers, “Don’t be shy!” However, after reflecting on almost a decade worth of memories, this Gemini admits that one of the most unforgettable was “Lubo and the fake Pele signed soccer ball at the holiday party. That is definitely up there!”

While the veteran Crescent employee is extremely committed to his role as Recruiting Manager, he is also passionate about 2 other things, his hatred of the SF Giants and his love of fishing. Quite the avid fisherman, Ricky can often be found passing the time reeling them in. He not only catches them for sport but he both cooks his trophies and even has some as pets! Ask Ricky and he will put it in the simplest terms, “I have fish, I like to fish, and I like to eat fish.” Enough said!

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