Consultant of the Month: Payam, the Self-Taught Programming Whiz

payam ...?

Payam has spent the last 24 years perfecting his craft. He speaks many languages but most would assume that coding was his first. Self taught at the age of 9, Payam dreamt of one day moving to San Francisco and working with the Tech giants in Silicon Valley. He worked his way across the country and did just that.

On his way, he realized a regular job wasn’t enough for him. “My motto is  ‘Live in the moment,’” says Payam. Feeling as though he learns best through experience, over the last 10 years he has set out to learn all that he can from as many different companies as possible. Payam has been lucky enough to be a consultant on many projects as a Cloud Architect with HP, Travelocity, USPS, Cisco, Bank of America, Verizon, Intuit, and most recently 20th Century Fox. He is passionate about all that encompasses programming, especially solving problems and developing new scalable solutions.

“Although we don’t get to see Payam that often as he works remote, he is great to work with,” says Sr. Partner Manager, Rebecca Beam. “He is extremely professional and always delivers with excellence.  He recently won a Hackathon that was sponsored by our client.  It was tough competition but Payam’s team came in first place!” she says enthusiastically. “He represents Crescent in an extraordinary way and I am so honored to have him as part of our team.”

Simply put, coding is Payam’s life. In his spare time, he has founded several small startups and is often seen with his MacBook Pro in hand. When he’s not coding, or coaching his teammates, he is making lists of the next big start-up ideas. He brings fresh enthusiasm to every project he joins and is known around the world for his good nature and hilarious impressions.

Does he ever sleep?