Employee Spotlight: Jeremy Skidmore – Nashville’s Star Recruiter


“I grew up in Nashville, TN which is famous for country music, sweet tea, and honky-tonks,” says Jeremy. “I played in creeks, went to church, worked on a farm, rode a dirt bike, and drove a pickup. I used words like y’all and fixin’. I would say ‘Bless your heart’ which really meant ‘you’re crazy’ or ‘I really can’t stand you, and I am just saying something nice so you won’t know it.’”

“After a few years of college I joined the Peace Corps and left all my friends behind,” he says. “Instead of being shipped to a third world country I was placed in Columbia, SC. My task was to lead a team of other Peace Corps members in a one-year project designed to help raise test scores of underprivileged middle school children.  My team and I mentored, tutored, and ran both after school care as well as weekend care for kids without parents.  We also ran a camp for children infected with HIV.  It was an eye opening, heart-wrenching project where I was able to learn about another world which didn’t have the kind of love or support I was blessed with in life. “

“While I was in the Peace Corps I reluctantly decided to go out with a friend one night.  I kept staring at this stunningly beautiful woman.  However, I couldn’t get the nerve to talk to her.  After a painfully awkward hour of trying to make my move she finally decided to take the lead instead.  She walked right up to me and asked, ‘Are you staring at me?’  I just gulped and somehow mumbled the word yes. I was so nervous I didn’t really know what to say or how to act.  Whatever my response was it must have been smooth enough to keep her interested.  We’ve been married and inseparable for 17 years now.  Shannon and I have 3 amazing children and we both work for Crescent.  She is in sales and I am a Technical Recruiter.”

Jeremy joined Crescent a little over a year ago with 15 years of recruiting experience under his belt, and a background in HR. “ I shared a previous employer with both Bob Steuernagel and Eric Kinsey.   I think all three of us were in a similar boat.  We wanted to work for a company that felt more like a family instead of a stale corporate institution.  I decided to join Crescent because Brian Fischbein’s video on the company website was funny and yet real.  After meeting him in person I could tell he cared more about relationships and teamwork than anything else.  It made sense why his company was so highly regarded in the industry and awarded by numerous publications.”

Just after joining Crescent, Jeremy was able attend the annual company retreat.  “It was amazing, interesting, and different,” Jeremy recalls. “I had never been a part of a company where everyone shared so much about themselves.  I had never experienced a companywide group therapy session where I laughed and cried.  I learned so much about each person and maybe too much about some,” he said with a chuckle.  “As we rode home together from the trip I realized that I had made the right choice in joining Crescent.  I have so much to look forward to in this company.  I am excited about working here and hope to have a long, successful career.”