Consultant of the Month: Juan Lomeli, the Journeying Jokester

Juan Lomeli has been working with Crescent for a year and a half and has been placed with a leading automation company as an Installation/Service Engineer. “The best thing about my job would have to be the traveling,” he admits. “I travel from place to place exploring the country one day at a time. Unfortunately, I haven’t gone everywhere yet, but I will!” The engineer first met with Steve Mitchell, Crescent Solutions’ Vice President, who had nothing but positive feedback about Juan. “[He] is reliable and has been


working with us for a while. It’s great to hear the good things our client has to say about Juan, we’re all very pleased with the work he’s doing,” Steve shares.

Traveling around the country is a nice change of pace for the Los Angeles native. “I grew up in a couple places,” Juan says. “I was raised in South Gate, California until I was twelve. From age twelve to present, I’ve been in Los Angeles. Although I lived in different cities, my parents never made me transfer schools. I went to South Gate Middle School and South East High School.” Some of the many places Juan has visited for work include Washington, Arizona, and various cities in California.

When he isn’t trekking across the states or tinkering with technology, you can catch Juan relaxing with his girlfriend, spoiling Ramsey, his Siberian Husky/German Shepard pup, or enjoying some gourmet Italian. “I love food, but I am picky. You can never go wrong with Italian, though!” he laughs. When asked to describe his personality, Juan told Crescent, “To understand my personality, you would have to get to know me. It all depends on the topic being spoken about, and I usually have a light sense of humor. One thing is for sure though, if you’re trying to build a friendship with me, you must not be easily offended!” The lighthearted jokester may be traveling the globe, but he is firmly rooted in his engineering position. Keep up the great work, Juan!