Employee Spotlight: Kyra Willans, the Beauty Blogging Bookworm

I was born in San Francisco where I spent the first 6 years of my life,” Kyra shares. “My family then relocated to South Florida kyra2where I spent the next [few] years, until I moved to New Jersey where I spent most of my life to date enduring grueling winters.” Kyra Willans, newest member at Crescent Solutions, made the trek back to the West Coast just two years ago after earning her degree. Graduating from Rutgers with a Bachelors in English Literature and a minor in Cinema Studies, Kyra secured a successful career path for herself which eventually landed her a Junior Tech Recruiting role at Crescent’s Los Angeles location!

“I was introduced to this company by one of the hiring managers who I worked closely with at my last position,” she explains. “While catching up over drinks, I mentioned I was interested in exploring the recruiting industry, and he said if I was looking to learn, there was no better place to do so than here. After just a couple weeks on the job, Kyra adds, “I feel that this position forces me to come out of my shell and challenges my personal growth in positive ways.”

When asked about her most interesting job, Kyra was excited to share her experience working as a guinea pig in order to survive her starving student years. “I participated as a test subject in the psychology department of an Ivy-League university which involved laying in an MRI machine for several hours playing brain teasers. So back on the East Coast in a lab somewhere, geniuses are studying pictures of my brain.” Rest assured, Kyra, Crescent has more than a few brain teasers to offer and an entire team you can call family.

kyra1Prior to Kyra’s recent switch to Crescent, she was working as an Executive Assistant for Creative Artists Agency also located in Los Angeles. The snarky Scorpio describes herself as “jaded and dark” with a “dry and sarcastic” sense of humor. “I am a big fan of the absurd. I can be very passionate and moody and have a creative itch that I get depressed if I cannot scratch—and sometimes I take myself just a little too seriously,” she states.

In her free time, you can find Kyra unwinding with a good book or editing the latest article for her new beauty blog. She also enjoys getting some quality target practice in or fiddling with computer software for fun. Though a San Francisco native, Kyra’s loyalty lies with the New Jersey Devils and New York’s $1 pizza. We’re excited to get to know you and are so glad to have you on our team, Kyra! Welcome to Crescent!