Secrets to a Speedier Workday


It’s 11:59am and you think to yourself, “Man this morning went by fast!” You grab a bite to eat, sit back down, and start busying yourself once more. You look up, it’s 2:15pm. Look up again, it’s 2:43pm. Look up a third time because surely hours have gone by at this point, but lo and behold, it’s 3:22pm. Why? Why is this happening to you? Is this some sort of sick joke? Are the Time Gods mad at you? What about all those chain letters you didn’t forward, could this be your punishment for trashing them?  When time has got you this frazzled, think about changing up the daily game plan.


Do Not Watch The Clock 

The previously described scenario is the worst thing to do as it will literally drive you insane. It is a dark black hole that you simply don’t want to fall into. Focus on your tasks, set goals (both short and long-term), plan your night, plan your weekend, stretch and make a healthy snack. Just actively make sure to keep your eyes off of the clock and keep your mind preoccupied.

Make Your Workspace Comfortable

If you sit at a desk all day, constant discomfort and suffering will significantly lengthen your day. The more comfortable you are, the better you will feel, and the more productive you will become. When you aren’t focusing on your pain, you tend to be more alert, creative, happier, and healthier overall. So, while all of this can be solved with ergonomic furniture and supplies, if you weren’t provided with those, you can still help yourself with small tweaks. Consciously maintain good posture by sitting up straight – making sure ears, shoulders, and hips are aligned. The use of footrests or even a towel or small pillow can be used to assist with keeping your back upright.  You can also try sitting on a balancing ball. The gentle rocking forward improves balance and spinal health, in addition to giving you a light workout.

Create Work Rituals

Work in milestones throughout the day, ones that you can look forward to. It can be as simple as coffee in the kitchen at 10am or a 3pm walk outside with a couple of coworkers. Nothing takes your mind off of the time better than positive social interaction.  Witty exchanges and hearty laughs not only pass the time, but put your mind back in a positive space for the remainder of the day, and may even extend your life expectancy.

Start creating some of your own stress-busting rituals today. With the right routine, you should be able to make it  through your workday smoother, and put an end to those “watching the clock blues”.