The Importance of Friendships in the Workplace



Making friends at your workplace is usually not the first thing on your mind when you’re interviewing for a new job. You’re probably thinking of your career goals, your target pay rate or whether or not there’s room for growth. However, building friendships at work is actually very beneficial if not key to workplace success because of the amount of time we spend there. Employees that have work friendships report being happier which, in turn, results in a higher level of productivity. Below are a few other reasons friendships are beneficial.

1. Creates trust and accountability

Trust is a crucial aspect of the workplace environment. By building friendships at work, employees are able to motivate and keep one another accountable for projects and deadlines.

2. Work is more enjoyable

Having friends in any setting makes things more enjoyable whether it be work, school or a hobby. Being able to share frustrations, laughs and opinions with coworkers is always a plus.

3. Better culture for the company

If everyone makes an effort in building friendships, the culture as a whole will begin to improve creating a more positive and safe work environment.

4. Promotes teamwork rather toxicity

Building bonds between coworkers helps create a support system rather than fostering feelings of resentment or jealousy in the workplace. Better attitudes result in better, healthier relationships.

5. Increases productivity

Happier employees are more productive! It’s a fact! Check out the chart on the right for more facts like this.

All in all, stay focused on your career goals and growth opportunities. But don’t overlook the importance of making friends in your workplace. It very well may be the driving force of your success!