Employee Spotlight: Paula Salazar, the kind-hearted picky-eater


“I was born and raised in one of the happiest countries in the world, Colombia,” says Paula, the Medellin native. “Since I can remember, my dad had me involved in sports, like basketball, hockey, roller skating, biking, volleyball and my favorite – swimming. I lived in Colombia until I was 16 years old then moved to North America with my Mom and sister because most of my family lived here. I struggled a lot adapting to everything. New school, new friends, new language, being exposed to so many cultures, I simply wanted to finish high school and go back home. I graduated from Chino Hills High School and slowly but surely adapted to everything here, although I sometimes do get homesick, especially during the holidays.”


“Everyone that knows me knows that I embrace and love my culture,” says Paula. “I can be shy, but overall I’m friendly, kind, and I have a soft spot for animals, kids, and people who are less fortunate. I find satisfaction in helping or contributing any way I can. I care a lot. I also do have a strong personality and temperament. Plus, I’m extremely sarcastic,” she says with a smile.

Prior to Crescent Solutions, Paula worked at Officeworks, a staffing company dedicated to the Health Industry. Currently, she is a Sourcer for the VMS Division in our Ontario office. “I believe the Christmas party was my first experience with the team as a whole. I was a bit nervous, but everyone was so welcoming, friendly, and approachable.”



Outside of work, the self-described animal lover has a furry friend of her own. Besides spending quality time with him, she loves to salsa dance, go to the beach, relax, travel, learn new things, and create new memories. “I love meeting people, outdoor activities, helping others, reading, swimming, and lifting. My favorite sport is soccer (the Colombian soccer team) and I enjoy basketball (Lakers),” she says, making her allegiances clear. “My favorite foods? Well I am probably the pickiest eater you’ll ever know, but I like Colombian food, salads, pizza, and fruit.” From one picky eater to another, you are not alone.