Crescent Solutions’ Las Vegas Office Welcomes New Coworkers

Crescent Solutions is always excited to welcome in new, talented employees to the company. We feel having a unique, diverse workforce allows us to be that much more successful in our endeavors as a company. Our Las Vegas office recently welcomed two new staff members…who just so happen to be adorable dogs.

Sophie (left), Orville (right)

Sonia Petkewich, Regional Director, oversees the Las Vegas branch and gave the employees permission to bring their dogs to work.  “Our Irvine office has a foosball table, so we have dogs!” said Petkewich. “It is all part of our company culture that makes Crescent a fun, unique company to work for.”

The pups have proven to be a great addition to the crew, providing comedic relief on a consistent basis. (Last week, Sophie took great joy in sneaking over to Petkewich’s desk, taking a bite out of the juicy pear on her desk.) The canine buddies also remind employees to find time to relax and take mental breaks every now and then. Furthermore, our team gets to have some peace of mind about not leaving their pets at home when they leave for work during the week.

Sophie, the fruit bandit, strikes again!

“She isn’t spending long hours alone at home,” said Speer about Sophie. “And she gets a lot of attention from everyone in the office, which she loves!”

Bengel used to take Orville to doggy daycare so he wouldn’t be by himself all day, but now brings him into the office more often instead. “He is sort of a big baby, but now he has company and it makes it so easy,” she said.

Last week, they even had a temporary celebrity addition to the team—a dog named Tina Turner. Speer was dog-sitting Tina and felt bad about leaving her alone all day. “Sophie showed her the ropes and she caught on to her job responsibilities very quickly!” Speer joked.

Tina Turner, learning the ropes at Crescent Solutions.

The pups, keeping an eye out for visitors, but it’s tiring work and they have to nap.