CONSULTANT OF THE MONTH: Jona, the surfing Senior Web Developer

Unknown-1Initially meeting with Senior Recruiting Partner, David Etnire, Jona has been happily working hand–in-hand with Crescent for a half a decade.  “They first placed me with Technicolor and it was a very nice experience. Even better because it was close to home and I was surrounded by great people,” Jona recalls. Currently working for a major American technology and innovation leader specializing in defense, security, and civil markets worldwide, Jona takes his role as Senior Web Developer very seriously. “I’ve been working on front-end HTML, CSS3, and Javacript, as well as back-end with PHP/MySQL,” says Jona. “I’m involved with so many great projects.”

“Jona is a great developer,” says David Etnire. “He’s very strong with all the web technologies that a senior developer needs and can create just about anything for a website. I’ve worked with Jona for over 5 years now – his current contract is our 4th with him.” Without question, Jona is great at what he does, but what really makes him shine is his personality. “What makes Jona different is that he is such a great guy.  His co-workers respect him, and they truly enjoy working with him,” says Etnire.

Unknown-2Originally born in Paris, France, Jona’s family moved to the US when he was just seven years old. Settling down outside of Los Angeles, Jona attended Emek, a local private school located in Sherman Oaks. It’s no surprise that as he grew older and his love of the water grew stronger, he found himself migrating towards the coastline. “I live pretty close to beach nowadays so I spend a lot of my time in the surf.”

Outside of work and surfing, Jona can be found in his bachelor pad enjoying unhealthy but satisfying goodies such as pizza and donuts, rocking out to his favorite band, Queen, and enjoying all the tranquility that his in-home aquarium provides. The junk food lover admits that he tries not to take life too seriously. While he admits to working hard and playing hard, noting with a smile, “it’s worked out so far,” his development work is what really speaks volumes. “Watch out in the future,” Etnire adds, “Jona has been developing a big mobile app that should be released soon!”