Boosting Confidence in the Workplace



No matter how seasoned you are at your job there comes a point, even if for a moment, that you question yourself. Why has anyone entrusted me with this project, this candidate, or this presentation? I can’t do my job. Is today the day I’ll be exposed for the charlatan that I am?! We’ve all been caught feeling less than or a bit out of place. For some it’s daily, and for others it’s more sporadic. But the next time these doubts start creeping up, try these tricks to give yourself a much needed confidence boost.

Change how you speak to yourself.

In the words of Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, “Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habit. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.”

You are your own worst critic. Be patient. Give yourself a pep talk and remind your inner voice that you deserve to be here. Allow yourself to hear and receive your positive statements. You earned this. You got this.

Change how you speak about yourself.

Have control over your narrative and change the way you present yourself to others. Don’t limit yourself with your own words. You are powerful beyond measure, don’t belittle your talents or minimize accomplishments to make others feel more adequate. Stay away from weak wording such as “I think” or “I feel” and replace them with more powerful and confident words such as “I’m convinced” or “I expect”. Let your inner strength shine bright for everyone to see.

Project confidence.

You may not feel like a winner today but no one needs to know that. Since your inner thoughts tend to project outwardly, pretend to feel confident. Be friendly and stand up straight. Walk with purpose, dress well, make eye contact, and smile. These actions will have you come across as self-assured and in control, instead of miserable and out of control. The more you “fake it” the more natural it will become until it morphs into how you actually feel. Fake it til’ you make it hunny.

Play up your strengths.

Identify your strengths, refine them, and try to incorporate them daily. You automatically feel a sense of empowerment when doing something well, which will ultimately boost your confidence enough to allow you to try your hand at the more challenging tasks ahead. Delve into your day from a place of strength.

Celebrate your success.

There is nothing more gratifying than a job well done, a perfect presentation, an outstanding performance review, or an unexpected raise. Never let momentous occasions go unnoticed, even if it’s as small as making a tight deadline. Take time to acknowledge your victories.

Accept yourself.

Not one person in your company is perfect. I promise. Not even Suzie Sunshine in payroll who flawlessly juggles being a mom, wife, office cupcake maker, and entrepreneur on the side. Everyone has questions, gets confused, and makes mistakes, it’s a part of being human. Remember that you will never have all of the answers and it’s ok to ask questions. Don’t be shy. Be curious, ask questions, and learn from your mistakes, this is how you grow. Doing this will allow you to move on and confidently attack new and more intricate tasks in the future.