The Advantages of Training Your New Employee

employee-onboardingInterview after interview after interview, this has been life for weeks. FINALLY you found the perfect candidate. They have the right balance of experience, intelligence, and personality. Not only are they a perfect cultural fit but they can start right away! Now comes the training process. While you are more than likely drained already, this process cannot be skipped or done half-heartedly. This truly is an investment in both of your futures. Think of the benefits:

Less Mistakes

A well-rounded introduction into the fundamentals of both the company and their specific role is important, and the advantages to having a well-trained employee are clear. Employees assimilate into the culture more easily, feel valued, and are more prepared to really delve into the tasks at hand. Think about it this way, new employees build work habits from Day One.  If you want them to succeed later, you have to teach them the right way from the very beginning, otherwise, by letting them go off on their own, you are setting them up for failure. Establishing a solid foundation will ultimately reduce turnover, improve productivity and job satisfaction, and create a more relaxed atmosphere for everyone.


Training new employees is motivating. It reduces the initial nervousness new-hires have and like we mentioned earlier, minimizes initial mistakes. It conveys a sense that you value your team and the work that they produce. They are important enough to invest time and effort into.

It can also present an opportunity for the new hire to view you as a role model or mentor within the office. So many “cultural norms” within a company are understated and subtle; help them navigate through the minefields. You want them to be comfortable and stay for a long time, not get blown the smithereens within the first few weeks.

Fresh Perspective

A new set of eyes is an asset to a veteran team. They can inject new ideas for streamlining a process or suggesting a better form of communication and project management. Think of them as a breath of fresh air, breathing new life into the team and reigniting the spark of curiosity in everyone. Asking questions like, “Why do we do this?” Well is there a method to the madness? If so, great, but if not, take the time to admit that that was a great question and reevaluate your process. Everyone gets so heads-down and results driven that they can lose sight of the bigger picture. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can give you the best perspective.

It’s essential to arm employees with key knowledge and skills in the very beginning. Time saved, increased productivity, happier employees – the training portion brings about all of that. Guide your new employee into success, but don’t forget to take advantage of the training perks as well. Let their creativity and energy rub off on you and spill over onto the team. Just think of all the benefits.