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Unresponsive reps result in unfilled key positions, leaving you to face hot deadlines alone and empty-handed. But Crescent’s Partner Development Managers are there when you need us, accessible by phone and email, and always ready to jump in and help. In fact, our cell phone numbers are on our cards for a reason—use them! Call us anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We thrive on urgency and begin screening top-quality candidates from the moment you say “go.” Poky processing and three-day callbacks are telltale signs of an unengaged vendor—and two important reasons to put Crescent on your team.
Call us picky or persnickety or difficult to please. We’ll take any of them as a compliment. Because we pride ourselves on the quality of our screening process and the candidates we present. Sure, it would be faster and easier to send anyone who looks even remotely close. But then, we wouldn’t be different. We wouldn’t be Crescent. The fact is that our rigorous, multi-step QA process is unique in the industry. It’s more involved, but it provides the confidence and peace of mind you need to keep us as your partner.
The retention rates at some vendors suggest there’s a Bermuda Triangle just for staffing account reps. This exodus must wreak havoc on companies’ abilities to serve their clients. At Crescent, it’s different. All of our Partner Development Managers are owners. We all have a vested interest in the success of our company—and yours. Morale is high and our turnover is LOW. So instead of revolving-door reps, you’ll be served as often as possible by the same dedicated Partner Development Manager assigned to you from the start. Now won’t that be a pleasant change?
Integrity’s a well-used word in Crescent’s corporate vocabulary. Ambiguous, on the other hand, is not. We’re clear about what we can and can’t do, right from the get-go. Whether it’s a schedule, a deadline or a specialized team or skill set, we’ll never promise one thing and surprise you with another. Ever. We believe that clarity and candor trump bait-and-switch every time and make the whole partnership thing infinitely more rewarding—for you and for us.
Every business relationship involves a little give and take. Unfortunately, some firms tend more toward the taking part than the giving. At Crescent, we understand that the scope, complexity and scale of your hiring needs can change in an instant. We’ll give you a competitive advantage. Our company is based on flexibility, agility and responsiveness. We offer flexible terms. Flexible contracts. Even flexible pricing. Everything you need to respond to the changes in your world.
Crescent learned long ago that the easier it is for clients to do business, the more business they eagerly give us. Seems like a no-brainer. Yet, some of our competitors still insist on policies and practices that seem intended more for their convenience than yours. Crescent’s operation is uniquely structured for smooth and timely integration. There are no ridiculous rules. No time-wasting protocols. No protracted approvals or negotiations. Nothing that gets in the way of reaching your business goals. In the world of I.T. solutions, it’s as easy as it gets.
It seems the luster’s come off the Golden Rule, at least at some of the bigger companies. We’ve heard tales of candidates being treated more like cattle than experienced I.T. pros. When we started Crescent, we solemnly pledged to treat all our partners with the utmost courtesy and consideration. Clients. Vendors. Teammates. And especially our candidates. The right fit is important to them, too. Working in an environment that fits their skills, needs and personality makes them really happy. And really loyal. Any hiring manager will tell you that happy, loyal employees are always the most productive.
If the candidates you ask for aren’t the ones you get, it’s a sign that your vendor isn’t listening or has a totally alien view of what makes a good fit “good.” With Crescent, you’ll get everything you want in a placement—and usually a whole lot more. To assure a proper match, we review backgrounds and experience, confirm credentials and verify that candidates are exactly who they claim to be. Once we’re satisfied, we get to know them as individuals. A chemistry check. This extra step assures consistent, predictable candidate quality and enables us to place the right people in just the right environment.
It’s possible to use a bunch of narrowly-focused shops to fill a broad range of needs, providing you have unlimited time, a good phone plan and the patience of a saint. A more efficient, flexible and cost-effective way is with Crescent’s bundled services. Different service options allow you to select precisely the services or skill sets you need. All from one source, with a single point of contact. Crescent draws from a deep pool of richly diverse talent, so we can offer qualified specialists for the entire enterprise—or just a little piece of it.
Redline is an integral part of our RPM—Rapid Partnership Model. Our secret sauce. Want to know more?

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