Start Enjoying Your Job More

love your job

With only 4 out of 10 employees saying that they are highly engaged at work, it’s no wonder that so many people are switching jobs these days. Are you thinking of taking a leap too? Before you decide to start your search in hopes of renewed happiness, there may be a way to start liking the one you’re in. Dare I say, even learn to love your current job again.

Focus on what you like about your job. Think of one good thing daily about your job, whether it’s your salary, your coworkers, your next project, your short commutes, etc., and be grateful for them. It sounds a little like fluff, but the more gratitude that you have, the more things you will be grateful for. Consider this, the more grateful you are for your job, the happier you are and the more effort you put into it. Through your effort, you will place yourself into a position to get a raise or promotion, ultimately meaning that an increase in gratitude equals an increase in money.

Spruce up your space. Whether you’re in a cubicle or an office, a cluttered space can bring down your mood. It’s difficult to work in mess – a chaotic space makes for a chaotic mind. If you can’t dedicate an hour to cleaning your workspace, have small bursts of cleanliness. For every hour of work, give yourself 10-15 minutes to clean. Stick to little slivers of time and by the end of the day, you’ll have a nice clean creative space to enjoy.

Make friends. If you’re feeling lonely, bored, or out of place at work, see if you can get together with your coworkers and do something that makes you all happy. Start a softball team in the spring, create a band, or volunteer together once a month. Try to get out there and make real bonds with at least some of your coworkers. The more engaged you are, the happier you are, and this creates a camaraderie that will keep you satisfied and connected both in and outside of the office.

Escape the Debbie Downers.  As noted above, making friends with your colleagues is a great way to really enjoy your job. However, hanging out with the pessimists of the office will not bring you peace or happiness. Debbie Downers will fill your head with stories of how awful your manager is, how incompetent the receptionist is, and how the leadership team is trying to screw you. Constant negativity is not only emotionally draining but eventually will start to seep into your brain making you jaded towards things you once loved or respected. Cynics will have you questioning yourself and your reasons for staying at the job. I mean, it is awful right? I am being taken advantage of, aren’t I? These people are anchors, corrupting your outlook and holding you hostage. Free yourself from these emotional shackles and block these people from your inner circle. Start hanging out with the more positive and levelheaded individuals in the office, it will improve your vision of the company and improve your emotional response to your workplace as a whole.

Try expanding on what you like. What specific duties do you love about your job? Is it event coordinating, talking to clients, coding?  What aspect do you like the most? Think about it. Once you can pinpoint the most enjoyable part, see if there is an opening to expand upon it. Maybe there is an available position in the PR/Events department or a need for a new person in Sales. Speak up and see if there is a possibility of moving into this new role. You will appreciate work substantially more when you’re focused on doing something you enjoy.

The main thing is, don’t start looking for new jobs without giving your current job another shot. Start making your work life more gratifying today and start loving your job again.