Miracles for Kids—Carousel of Possible Dreams

MiraclesThis season, Miracles for Kids is participating in the Carousel of Possible Dreams event at Disneyland to raise $25,000 tomorrow, November 9th, to support many low-income families with critically-ill children. A large number of these families are living at Miracle Manor, the new apartment complex in Orange funded by Miracles for Kids to relieve some of the burden of rent costs while being within walking distance to CHOC. Amongst these families are Alex Hays and his mother Deanna, Crescent Solutions’ adopted family.


Alex Hays, 9, is an Irvine native who was diagnosed with Diamond Blackfan Anemia when he was only several months old. As Alex grew older and visits to the hospital were rising in frequency, Deanna made the decision to quit her job in order to focus her time on Alex. The journey for Alex and his family has been a difficult one, but not impossible. With the help of the community and Miracles for Kids, Alex and Deanna have been able to move into Miracle Manor, which had their Grand Opening a few months back in July, and maintain their regular visits to the hospital.

Find out more information about tomorrow’s Carousel of Possible Dreams event here.

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Any amount helps and we thank you in advance for you participation!