Employee Spotlight on Brian Albano, our VP and Family Man

The way Crescent Solutions started as a company is like a chapter out of the book on the humble beginnings of tech start-ups like Google or Apple. When our Vice President, Brian Albano and his friends previously worked together at Technisource, they decided they wanted to form a company where they could do things “bigger and better,” he said. Thus, the seed for Crescent Solutions was planted and the leaders at the helm started working out of two home offices, one of which belonged to Albano. In it for the long haul, Albano has been at Crescent Solutions since its inception in 2002, and recently just celebrated his 11th year anniversary.

“It’s awesome to know that we’ve come so far,” said Albano. “From the early days to now we’ve seen so much growth and hired a lot of great people. Just to watch the company go from a small startup to what we are now, I’m proud to tell people about it and say I’ve been here since day one.”

Nearly a decade later, things have changed a bit. The guys are all family men now, including Albano himself. Although they don’t go on trips to Las Vegas as much as they used to (which was about every other month), Albano said “it’s really cool seeing everyone with families now as everyone has had kids and more kids, but we’ve all stayed close.”

Albano enjoys spending his free time with his family—his wife of seven years, Renae, and his sons Brycen (five) and Gianni (two). Now that his kids are getting older, they’re following in their father’s footsteps in getting more active in sports. Even though Albano grew up in Orange County, CA, he is a fan of any team from Boston (including the Celtics, Red Sox, and the Patriots). He used to play baseball when he attended college in Denver and also when he transferred schools to Arizona State University, and now coaches his son’s t-ball team. Earlier this month, his team had their last game of the season and celebrated with a pool party.

When Albano thinks back to one of the most memorable moments he’s had at Crescent Solutions, it’s making it on the Inc. 500 list in 2007. “That stood out to me how much growth we had in such a short amount of time,” he said.

“With what we started off with—six guys working out of home offices—we now have offices in other states, and it’s impressive just knowing how many consultants we have working for us, and how we do in terms of revenue.”

  • JoAnn Albano

    Congrats Brian, I’m so very proud of your personal and combined accomplishments. You have so much to be proud of. Happy 11th Anniversary and many more successful years.

    I’m especially proud of the dedicated family many you are. Your family is so blessed.

    All my love, Mom