EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: Eugenia Rice aka Jill of All Trades

10472985_10203287967013694_2114788394_n[1]A world traveler from the very beginning, Eugenia grew up all over the world. After experiencing life in Spain, Madrid, San Francisco, and Huntington Beach, she had matured enough to strike out on her own at 19 years old. Fun loving and easygoing in nature, she had no trouble carving out a phenomenal life for herself.  “I enjoy my friends,” says the social butterfly,“ and I enjoy being in a relationship. Probably why I’ve been married for 24 years to my husband.”

As a lover of practical jokes and sarcasm, she admits that her humor is often a bit quirky, “I don’t get slapstick comedy, I literally just wonder why everyone is laughing!” Known for her honesty, she is famous for telling you how it is, “I’m pretty direct, what you see is what you get, but not in a nasty way haha.”

She worked on and off at a law firm for 16 years and ran a consignment business. Leaving the law firm and closing the business in 2010, she found herself enjoying her time off, taking care of the house and the family’s business accounting needs. When she eventually rejoined the workforce, she found herself here at Crescent Solutions. Though her first day was insanity, this was still not her favorite memory from the office. “The cussing that sometimes flies around in the office makes me laugh daily. But the best is when one of the guys bet another guy (keeping names out of this) to eat a bowl of onions within a certain amount of time in front of all of us for a mere $50! That truly was the best!” Eugenia exclaimed.

She is the Jill of all Trades around the office. “I do a little of everything for Crescent – Travel, President’s Club, Millionaire’s Club, social functions, special projects for all locations, coordinate catered lunches, order business cards, organize the annual Retreat, work with Sales Managers, manage Tony Miranda’s calendar, and so much more,” says Eugenia. “But primarily,” she adds, ”I work for our CEO in the capacity of Executive Assistant. I handle appointments, travel arrangements, emails…the list is too long lol.”

Beyond her hectic life at work, Eugenia enjoys wine tasting, riding horses, cooking, riding on the back of her husband’s Harley, and boats – “fast ones,” she clarified. The 49ers fan also loves decorating, photography, hiking, and do-it-yourself craft projects. “I’ve gotten into many types of projects from wine charms to bracelets to making my own wreaths to even re-upholstering my furniture!” she said.

Being married for the past 24 years, and together for 26, Eugenia and her husband Steve have raised 2 beautiful girls, Alexa and Brianna, and are parents to 1 cat and 2 dogs. “I’m always been very involved with all of their school activities but once we finish putting my younger one through college, TRAVELING will be my passion.” The travel bug – officially coming full circle.

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