Employee Spotlight: Cynthia Lopez, the Fun-loving Family Woman

Cynthia Lopez, Lynwood, CA native is a returning Crescent Solutions employee and we couldn’t be more excited to have her backCynthia 1 on our team! “I previously worked for Crescent for three years and recently returned after a three year hiatus,” she explains. Graduate of Lynwood High, ITT Tech, and UC Santa Barbara, Cynthia also has 25 years of staffing industry experience in sales, recruiting, and managing, which aided in transitioning into her current role at Crescent as Regional Vice President at the Nevada location.

“Crazy, I know! No TV!” Cynthia exclaims after sharing with us that she is 1 of 11 children. She has 7 brothers and 3 sisters who all helped shape her outgoing, sarcastic, yet loving personality that we all adore. We didn’t have to ask her twice to get the inside scoop on her most unusual job; Cynthia excitedly shares, “OMG! I have no shame in my game. I sold fake hair at Compton Fashion Center—yes, where Snoop Dogg used to shop—haha!” It’s safe to say that she and Snoop are best friends because of it and we are Kids1all feeling a little envious right now.

In her down time, you can find Cynthia relaxing on a girls’ weekend getaway or enjoying time with her fiancé, two sons, and her two adorable miniature Schnauzers—Jalapeño and Habanero. “[I am] engaged and I have two sons ages 23 and 14. Angel, my eldest, is the family comedian and a total extrovert while my youngest is the polar opposite of his brother, a total introvert.” The Crescent Regional VP is also a collector of Day of the Dead art and a dedicated fan of her home teams—the Dodgers and Lakers.

On a final note, we asked Cynthia about one aspect she really enjoys about Crescent to which she replied that the community of coworkers is incomparable because there are no “uptight uppity people”. I have to agree that our Crescent family is composed of genuine, personable people and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We’re so glad to have you back on the Crescent team, Cynthia!