Employee Spotlight: Christina Hoang, the sarcastic spin-enthusiast


Christina selfie

Born in Fountain Valley, CA, Christina grew up in Huntington Beach for the first 5 years of her life, before moving up to Los Angeles. Attending UC Riverside, she earned her degree in Business Marketing while balancing school and a job at a local coffee tea house near campus. “I managed the store along with 20 team members, Christina said. “It was one of the most memorable and fun work experiences I’ve ever had. We would have fundraiser nights where hundreds of students would attend – such fun social hour.” “I interviewed, trained, and built my own team. It was definitely one of the most popular joints by the school where I met, gained, and kept many friendships. My team was my second family. We always knew how to have fun while still working hard. Some of them are still my closest friends after all these years.

Upon joining Crescent, Christina remembers, “finally feeling like a grown-up with a full-time job.”  Currently, Christina is a Technical Recruiting Coordinator/Sourcer for the Crescent Solutions LA office. “I help source candidates, pre-screen them to see if they’re a possible fit for the job, set up meetings between candidate and recruiter, confirm meetings and interviews, assist the office, and make everyone’s life a little easier,” says Christina.  “Our office used to be a lot smaller than it is now, but being able to be a part of the LA team through its changes and transitions is a good feeling.”

“I’m known to be very sarcastic with some dry humor,” Christina admits. “Sometimes too dry for certain people, haha, but I enjoy laughing as well as making others laugh.” One office memory that always makes her laugh is “last year when Rich Kahn got me as his Secret Santa. It was my first time attending the company’s Christmas Party and I had no idea it was him. I had to open my many gifts in front of everyone and every item was Hello Kitty.” “A Hello Kitty rice cooker, lunch boxes, bags, etc. Made me look like the ultimate Asian Hello Kitty lover which is 100% false,” she says with a laugh. “Oh Rich, you jokester.”

Outside of work, Christina makes it a daily ritual to go to Spin aka cycling. “Lately I’ve been going at 6am everyday. I took 270 classes in 2014!” Insanity. Aside from her rigorous workouts, she loves traveling and attending music concerts/shows/ festivals. Noting her love of the outdoors, she could barely contain her excitement for Coachella 2015 – it’s a perfect blend of nature and music. 84 more days :)  Christina - Xmas treeParty