Employee Spotlight: Andre Reggans, the Avid Learner


“I was born in Oakland, CA. I lived there for about 6 years before moving to Texas with my little sister and grandmother,” Andre says. After staying in Texas for 7 years, the eldest of 5 returned to California and graduated from Upland High School. Deciding to put firm roots down in SoCal, he is now part of the Crescent family, working out of the Ontario office as a Sourcer. Here he’s gaining an ample amount of knowledge from vets Brian Batistic, Heath Hamaguchi, and sister-in-law Paula Salazar. “Being introduced to the Recruiting/Sourcer position was a bit of a shift change for me given the fact that I’ve never worked in this type of environment before,” Andre admits. Prior to Crescent, Andre worked as a Retail Sales Rep for Sprint. “I was number one in my field due to my competitive nature to win.  But everyday I’m in for a treat at the Ontario VMS office. I get history lessons on classic rock and artists I wouldn’t normally listen to thanks to Brian Batistic, and find myself wrapped up in investment discussions with Derek Barro.”

“My first experience with Crescent as a company was at last year’s Christmas party. I was so nervous and shy because I didn’t know anyone, but I quickly noticed that everyone at this company truly cares about the well-being of others. They are quick to lend a helping hand or provide words of encouragement. That made this year’s retreat a wonderful experience.”

A lover of all sports, Andre naturally has a number of favorite teams, “I love the Lakers, Denver Broncos, NY Yankees, LA Kings, Chicago Black Hawks, and Barcelona and Colombia for soccer.” Woah. Quite the list.  “Haha I love all competitive activities,” he says. “I was a Running Back in high school and ran Track & Field my senior year. I love basketball, soccer, and enjoy fitness and natural bodybuilding.”

One thing you may not know is that this athletic fella prefers to keep to himself. “I’m an introvert by nature but I can become an extrovert once I’m comfortable in my environment.”

At home, he and his wife are crushing their respective goals left and right and currently, Andre is enrolled at Chaffey College working towards gaining his Marketing degree. “At my core, I’m a person who loves to learn,” he says. “I read a lot and like to implement what I learn into my life as fast as possible. I enjoy acquiring new skills and history to add to my utility belt of knowledge.”