Crescent’s Top 5 Tips for Maintaining Productivity



In the midst of the Monday morning post-weekend grogginess, your brain makes failed attempts at staying focused – volleying between last night’s family barbecue and the live band you saw Saturday night. Instead of gluing yourself to your rolling chair in your cubicle all day as punishment, try implementing these quick tips to take your productivity to the next step!

1.      Set a schedule

Start your day on the right foot by creating an agenda for the day, or even the week, to help yourself stay on track. Having a place to refer back to and jot down meetings or appointments is a definite advantage and only takes a small portion of your day to complete.

2.      Bring snacks

Snacking at your desk isn’t always frowned upon. Some foods can even increase productivity by up to 20%! Pick up some berries, dark chocolate, and almonds on your next trip to the grocery store – you can even rely on your morning cup of joe not just to get you to work, but also to stimulate your brain and trigger improved memory function!

3.      Take breaks

Taking a step back from your work actually helps in boosting productivity for longer periods of time. Instead of wracking your brain for hours at your desk, take a walk to the water cooler a couple times throughout the day to give your mind a rest. According to a health website, “taking regular breaks of 1.5 minutes increased worker productivity by 6.45%”. Check out more break facts here:

4.      Play some tunes

This one may sound like more of a distraction than a helping hand, but don’t knock it ‘til you try it! Next time you’re in a slump at work, try playing some background music. Any genre you’re into will do the trick, it keeps your mind active and puts you in a great mood. Flip on some Adele after reading this article and start monitoring excellent results!

5.      Share your goals

Be sure to vocalize your goals with your coworkers. Socializing will help maintain alertness and sharing your deadlines aids in keeping you accountable as well.