CONSULTANTS OF THE MONTH: Peter and Patrick, the dynamic duo

Every month we highlight one outstanding Consultant, but this month, we are doing something a little different. There are two fantastic Consultants that deserve recognition and since they are often paired together, we felt it only right to showcase them both.  “This is the best duo I have ever worked with,” says Rebecca Beam, Senior Partner Manager at Crescent Solutions. “They are both extremely professional and easy to work with.  Not only are they technically very strong, but they are very business solution focused as well.  They make us look great and for that I am incredibly appreciative.”


Peter met Rebecca Beam back in 2012, while at a large American digital cable and satellite television network. “I was originally hired temporarily. After that period lapsed, I enjoyed the environment so much that I wanted to stay and be placed there permanently. With the help of Michael Chiang and some negotiations, I became part of both Crescent’s team and the network’s!”

Originally from Bulgaria, Peter grew up in a town called Gabrovo in the middle of Bulgaria. “It is the international capital of humor and satire!” proudly declares Peter. One thing that is not a joke though, is his brilliance. In fourth grade he was accepted into a special program for gifted children in one the local high schools. It is here that he first fell in love with programming. Once officially in high school, he majored in Math and Computer Science, and (with a team of 2 other classmates) went on to win a national programming tournament! In 2000, Peter was admitted to the University of Economics Varna in Bulgaria and 2 years later, he came to the United States.

In his free time the easygoing man loves traveling, fine dining, sports, hiking, hanging with friends, and laying on the beach. “My favorites sports team is Liverpool. Even though I don’t play soccer, I like watching it,” says Peter. While there are no Bulgarian restaurants in LA, he enjoys chowing down on Romanian, Mediterranean, and especially Italian food instead.  An avid fan of dance, he goes to Bulgarian folklore dancing every week and started taking Salsa lessons a few months ago!


Patrick, the other half of this dynamic duo, is originally from Illinois and the youngest of 4 children. “My parents immigrated from China with practically nothing, seeking the ‘American Dream’. When I was a child, I felt like my dad could fix anything. Whenever there was something wrong with our car or in our house, my dad could easily fix all our problems…it was like magic!” Patrick recalls.  “My father and mother became very skilled with their hands, and within 10 years, opened their own shoe repair and alterations business. They still work there to this day.”

Watching his parents work piqued Patrick’s curiosity, instilling a healthy fascination into how things work. At 12, he found himself tinkering with DOS from a handed down IBM 286. “Soon, I was the kid friends and family came to when they need a new computer built or when there was something wrong with Windows,” says Patrick, “which naturally led me to earn a Bachelors of Computer Science from Illinois State University.”

At 21, he packed all that he could fit into his car and headed for Los Angeles in search of his own “American Dream.” “Looking back, it was a very scary and bold decision. I don’t even know how I did it. I guess that knowing that my parents took the big risk and left all they knew for America made it easier to me to take the same big risk too,” says Patrick.

Once in California, he co-founded a web design and development company, which was later acquired by a production company, and after working there for over 2 years he decided he needed another big change. Opting to travel the world for a year, he went to racing school, ran a half marathon, and bought a dog “Nismo” (named after his favorite car Nissan GT-R). Busy busy man.

Currently back in the states, Patrick was introduced to Rebecca Beam by good friend Peter, and instantly hit it off. “I have recently placed them on their second engagement together,” says Rebecca Beam. Now working as Senior Web Developer at the same digital and satellite network as Peter, he is excelling as part of their digital asset management team. “Peter and Patrick are such a pleasure to have as part of our team.”

“When I say ‘there is a saying in Bulgaria,’ everybody starts laughing…so I will finish with a saying in Bulgaria,” says Peter. “No matter how good you live, eventually you get married!”