Consultant of the Month: Michael, our IT Whiz

Michael is a jack of all trades. When Crescent Solutions first worked with him back in September 2010, we placed him on a long-term contract with a large entertainment company. He dove straight in on playing an integral role of a 14-person team that was preparing for a large merger and integration, wearing many hats from working in email administration to mobile devices.

“He had rave reviews on his performance,” said David Etnire, our senior recruiting partner.

However, at the end of Michael’s 12 months on contract, he reached the maximum duration allowed on that account. But he stepped up to the plate again later that year, by jumping in to help us with a large PC weekend rollout at the same company. “Definitely work he hasn’t done in years, but he really came through when we needed a Lead to help us out,” Etnire said.

Since then, Crescent Solutions has placed him back with the company starting in April 2012, and he’s now been offered a permanent position as a Technical Systems Analyst.

“Michael is one of those guys—well-liked, respected, and very good at what he does,” said Mitch Balzer, Crescent Solutions COO.

A Poughkeepsie, NY native, Michael went out to school in Rochester, NY and Virginia Beach, VA, and landed his first job in IT at IBM. He had been working in production at the company, but the manager came up to him one day and brought him over to the systems administration side. He said what he’s learned in administration, desktop support, and mobile support has been “on the fly.”

His original plan was to one day return to Virginia Beach; however, he came out to Pasadena, CA in 2003 because the company he worked for moved out there and needed his help in setting up the infrastructure—and he hasn’t left since. “The first time I had ever been to California was the first time I stepped off that plane,” Michael said. “You can’t beat the weather.”

An active guy, Michael enjoys bike riding at the beach and working out. He’s a voracious reader and loves TV shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. The movie buff said Life of Pi was the last film he’s seen where he left the theater and wanted to go back and see it again. Michael used to shoot a lot of photography, but took a break from the expensive hobby, and is now itching to get back into it again. Even though he doesn’t miss the weather in New York, he does miss going to Yankee Stadium—noting he’s not a Dodgers fan.

When Michael thinks about one of the most interesting things that has happened to him at work is bumping into Ryan Seacrest and being surprised he was much shorter than him; Michael stands at 6 feet tall.

“I’m very appreciative and have nothing but fond memories working with Crescent Solutions,” said Michael. “I’m in a place where I’m needed and have someone who backed me, and I wouldn’t have gotten this job without them.”

  • Diane Ingram

    Great article, very informative and appreciated. Thanks!

  • Sandra Summons

    I agree that Michael is a “Jack of all Trades”. This article covers some of the many facets in Michael’s life that make him stand out among crowds of men. It’s warmly written and allows the reader to acknowledge and appreciate him. Congratulations to you, Michael. This is a well deserved honor.