Consultant of the Month: Patrick Tran, the Tech Trekker

Nismo“I was born in Illinois, the youngest of 4 children,” Patrick shares.  “My parents emigrated from China with practically nothing except hopes of achieving the ‘American Dream’”. Patrick Tran grew up witnessing the natural skill in handiwork his father and older brother possessed, watching them successfully repair malfunctioning household items. Being a spectator of the countless disassembling and reassembling of things caught his attention, but instead gravitated towards computers. Patrick recalls being just twelve years old and taking such interest in dial-up internet, that he would fiddle with operating systems for fun. He went on to earn his Bachelors of Computer Science from Illinois State University with honors, which eventually aided in locking-in his current position at one of the top film entertainment companies.

“Currently, I am a senior web developer working with the EMF-UX team,” Patrick says. “I’ve been here for about 3 years. It’s been a great experience because the work is challenging and my team is very open to using new technologies, thus giving me the opportunity to try and learn new things to further strengthen my craft.” That’s the mark of a great techie; always striving to sharpen your skills!

Several years later, Patrick journeyed to Los Angeles with only the contents of his car, in search of new tech opportunities and great weather. He took part in co-founding a web design company, and then traveling around the globe for a year off. Patrick shared with us that he met one of our former recruiters through a mutual friend. “When I met her, I wasn’t looking for work.  But because [she] was so enthusiastic and easy-going, I had a hard time saying no and next thing you know, I had work lined up!” Patrick laughs. Crescent Solutions’ Office Manager, Mia Robinson, has nothing but good things to say about Patrick as well. “He is really friendly and awesome! He has been on the same project for a while, which definitely proves that he is consistent and hard working,” she states.

If you ever find Patrick outside the office, he will either be caught pampering Nismo, his 5-year-old adorable shiba inu, or still fiddling with the operating systems that have won over his heart. When asked about his furry friend, Patrick gladly shared with us that he has been graced with Nismo’s presence since he was a ten week old pup. “He enjoys chasing squirrels and anything you can throw for him to fetch.  He even enjoys eating baby carrots and lettuce.  Every night, when I get back from work, he happily greets me at the front door, tail wagging with a toy in his mouth, as if he hasn’t seen me for days. You can follow him on Instagram @misternismo.” It’s clear that Nismo has won Patrick’s heart over his beloved DOS, but it was a close call. Keep up the great work, Patrick! We are proud to feature you as our Consultant of the Month for December!