Consultant of the Month: Hemanth – the networking jokester

Hemanth large

“I’ve been with Crescent for about 15 months now and things have been great,” says Hemanth. “I first talked to Heath over the phone, then met with him and Brian to follow-up.”

“Hemanth is a very personable fella and a strong technologist,” says Technical Recruiting Manager, Heath Hamaguchi. “[Brian] Batistic and I had the pleasure to do lunch with him and found him to be a very down to earth and funny person.”

“They placed me with one of the biggest financial companies and have been very supportive along the way,” says Hemanth. “They care about my personal/family life which is extremely appreciated. This is something that’s quite often missed within the corporate world.”

“We are all so proud of him here,” adds Heath. “He’s currently on contract with our client, Bank of America, supporting Java applications and focused on Websphere. He has more than five years in building and deploying automation using Jython and Unix Shell scripting. He’s an expert at what he does.”

“I’m a networking guy with no interest in coding,” says Hemanth with a smirk. “I grew up in Guntar, India and attended San Jose State University. I love to be active and spend time with my family and friends, they mean the world to me.”

While he admits to having quite the sense of humor and a love of jokes, “I enjoy them a lot more if they aren’t on me!” When it comes to fun, he had only one word, “Booze.” Haha. “All jokes aside, I love hiking, playing cricket, and watching the Lakers and Patriots dominate. I also like rap mixed with pop like Eminem, Pitbull, Rihanna, and Bruno Mars.” Surprises around every corner with this gentleman.