5 Ways To Feel Happier At Work

happier at workSo you don’t work at your dream job, truthfully, many people don’t. However, before you start your next job hunt, know that you can still increase your happiness in your workplace with these 5 simple steps.

Exercise.  What you consider exercise is completely up to you, the important thing is to break a sweat. Studies show that exercise not only improves your body physically but also lowers stress and anxiety. Make it fun, play tennis with friends, take a swim class at your local YMCA, when you take your dog for a walk – opt for a run instead.

Cut down on your alcohol intake.  In a study taken by the Employee Happiness Index, 41% of happy employees don’t drink alcohol at all. It’s ok to drink but drinking to excess can affect your quality of sleep, therefore making it difficult to perform at your full potential the following day.

Spend time with loved ones. Using your free time to connect with friends, family, or with your mate significantly improves your mood and overall disposition at work. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is vital to improving your well-being and therefore improving your outlook.

Eat healthier. Incorporating a better diet will increase your energy. According to the 2013 Employee Happiness Index, 80% of highly engaged, happy employees avoid junk food and diet fads. Clogging your arteries with fatty foods and sugars negatively affects your health, causing weight gain, and potentially issues such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

Sleep more. Everyone is different. Some people feel that they don’t need much sleep and others feel like they need more. It is recommended that adults get an average of 7 ½ hours of sleep a night according to The Science Channel, “sleep and happiness are intertwined.” Getting additional hours of sleep also helps your immune system, keeping you healthy, energized, and ultimately increases happiness.

Try these simple tweaks to your lifestyle and see if your happiness improves. Who knows, you may not need a new job after all.