5 Questions to Ask in an Interview



Interviewees take note! Contrary to popular belief, along with preparing some answers and printing an extra copy of your updated resume, you should also arrive to your interview equipped with questions of your own. Keep in mind that you are also there to evaluate whether this company and its culture is an appropriate fit for you! Here are a few suggestions to aid you in getting to the core of the company you’re interviewing with!

1. Is there opportunity for growth/advancement?

If you’re looking for a long-term position with the company, this is important to ask. Whether you plan on moving up or not, it’s always better to know if that path is at least available to you!

2. How does my role tie in with the rest of the team?

Asking this question will give you an idea of what your day-to-day will look like. If you get your motivation from the support of others and the position you’re applying for consists of mostly independent work, this might be something to reconsider.

3. Why are you hiring?

Your interviewer’s answer to this question will provide you with insight about the position you’re applying for. It can tell you whether this is a new position they’re creating or an existing role that they’re expanding upon. Maybe they have recently lost an employee and you’re there to fill their shoes. Either way, this will give you helpful information about the company and its goals.

4. What are the values of the company?

This is where company culture comes into play. All too often, people apply for and accept jobs they are qualified for, but the office culture is a poor match. This aspect of a job is overlooked although it is equally important.

5. What will be expected of me in this role?

Give yourself an advantage and inquire about what your prospective employer might expect should they choose you for the position. You may find that their requests are unrealistic to achieve, or it just might be the perfect fit!


Don’t forget that although your interview is about the employer getting to know you, it is also about you getting to know the company! As an added plus, asking questions will let your interviewer know that you are genuinely interested in the position & could even up your chances of getting that job offer!