10 Signs To Leave Your Job


Is every day a bad day at work? Do you spend all night dreading work the next morning? Sometimes there are blaring signs saying it’s time to get a new job, but many times they are much more subtle. Often, they are emotions or circumstances that have slowly evolved that have disguised themselves as “normal”.

Read on and see if you relate to any of these 10 scenarios in your life.

You dislike your coworkers- Disliking the people that you work with can turn an unpleasant job into an unbearable one. Before moving on, work to find a common ground with your colleagues. Try to develop an amicable relationship in order to make the job more pleasant. However, if you have tried and you are finding the situation unfixable, you may need to consider a permanent change of scenery.

You experience morning misery- Do you have that deeply rooted feeling of dread and fear when thinking about work, returning to work, or even in the process of driving to work? If this is a daily persistent internal nagging, this kind of anxiety is a great indication that it may be time to look for new opportunities.

Your health is declining- That anxious feeling you experience while simply sitting at your desk is not normal. These feelings can lead to actual health issues. Stress is normal, yes. A constant state of stress is not. It is exhausting, draining, and can present both mental and physical issues. Check out this Stress Checklist  and see if you are being negatively affected. If you feel that you suffer from 5 or more symptoms on the checklist, know that it is definitely time for new surroundings.

Your company is in a bad place- Layoffs becoming more and more common? If your job is showing the signs of failure, there is no need to drown along with it. For more in depth information on what to watch out for, check out the signs of company failure here.

You have lost faith in your company- A belief in your company, your product, and what it stands for, is an important motivating factor. We tend to work harder and exert more effort when we respect and believe in something, whether it be at work, in school, or in our personal lives. When you stop believing in the direction of the company or feel that the environment no longer coincides with who you are, start seeing what else is out there.

Your work is taking over your life- Everyone needs a healthy work-life balance, this is imperative to sustaining your sanity. When you start to feel like your job is taking over your life, it can lead to unhappiness, resentment, and even depression. If your current role is not allowing you to maintain a healthy balance, it may be time to move on.

Your skills are being wasted- No one wants to feel unappreciated in any aspect of life. Not by your family, not by your spouse, and not by your work superiors. Are your ideas being heard or acknowledged anymore? Know your worth. If your late work nights and contributing efforts are being passed over and ignored, you may want to think about bringing your talents elsewhere.

Your duties have increased but not your pay- This goes back to “your company being in a bad place”. You should not have to take on the suffering of your company, that is quite a burden to bear. If you see downsizing happening all around you and are taking on much of the slack without any hint of a raise, get out while you can.

You are in a rut- If you cannot honestly say that you are learning or growing in your current position, it is time to leave. Do not stay in a role due to comfort or fear. Don’t waste precious time, effort, and skills in a dead-end position. If there is genuinely no opportunity for advancement or knowledge, then it’s time to start planning your exit.

You are being abused- If you are a victim of harassment, whether verbally, sexually, or in any other way, work to get out of the situation as rapidly as possible. Know your rights, know the signs, and always document each encounter. If you are unsure or unclear about what constitutes as abuse in the workplace, see the signs/symptoms here.  While rectifying the issue, start looking for friendlier environments to progress to and recognize that this is a serious sign to advance to a new company.

Work is a major chunk of your life, don’t spend that time in misery. If you find yourself relating to any of these 10 scenarios, remember best-selling author Harvey MacKay’s advice, “Find something you love to do, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”